MK3D Printing is first and leading 3D printing service in Macedonia which deals with designing and printing 3D models.


We are pioneering, innovative and prosperous 3D printing service which can help you in making your virtual 3D creations a physical reality.


Our mission is to introduce 3D printing in Macedonia and help people embrace the idea that everything they can imagine and can be designed in 3D can be printed and physically seen. For us, 3D printing is one of the most revolutionary discoveries which now is becoming available for all of us.


Since the world is becoming ever more digital, decentralized and connected, our approach on product development will change the world forever. The transition is already occurring for consumer products and people will be able to create their own products with great ease and will not need to be bound by the selection they can find in stores.  As a result, the value for consumers will increase and waste will decrease.


“Soon, instead of buying things that are made in large quantities at factories, we will buy objects made in quantities of just one, specifically for us” –Eric Carreelfor- the founder of “Sculpteo” for the Forbes Magazine


Do you want to move from the concept to the implementation stage?


Do you want to touch your creations? See how they move in space?